• Roof Domes LLC makes available an engineer certified
    structural design/calculation for all 50 states and Canada.
  • RISA design check
  • McCarty Domes Inc/Roof Domes LLC supplies the A/E and GC
    structural calculations indicating all live loads during the approval period.
  • MDI provides suggested anchoring points and fasteners
  • The technical department at McCarty Domes Inc/Roof Domes LLC provides details from prior installation to help provide current solutions.
  • Roof Domes LLC executive team work with architectural and building companies to assist with design-build.
  • The Dome kit is delivered to the building site ready to off load and assemble.
  • All freight charges are included in the quoted price of the Dome Kit.
  • Included with shipment are assembly instructions and full warranty.

Jerry McCarty @ (520) 407-9000.

or jerry@mccartydomes.com