With expertise in half of the USA over the past ten years our dome system affords you a 100% solution when specifying a dome for your project. We offer our CSI Master Specification in assurance you get specified correctly and will work with your design team to include the necessary information for a well integrated and successful design. We start with engineering and dome design and follow through with fabrication and pre-assembly in our yard before delivering to the job-site.

We offer our “all steel” system with or without an interior light-gauge dome frame. We also offer our combination wood and steel dome system up to 30ft in diameter. All of our systems are proprietary and protected under US Patent 7152384 B1

Our outer structural dome frame can be easily adapted with an inner light gauge steel frame that is GWB ready. The ease of being all in one frame to satisfy the interior and the exterior sheathing and finishes is most cost efficient. The interstitial space provides room for R-30+ insulation, electrical, mechanical and sound systems.

The MDI dome system is delivered to the site, ready for bolt-up with no field welds needed for assembly. Your EOR is responsible for the final connection between our tension ring and your red-iron, masonry or wood frame landing. On the other hand our PE Calcs and shop drawings for the Project in your State will identify the horizontal and vertical reactive forces and will show location and type of welded connections to be made by OTHER. The welded connections will be signed off by the EOR during our approval period. For the combination wood and steel domes a through bolt at the bearing plate is typically used.


Typical Inclusions:

Payments are based on size and timing of your project. Typically 15% at PO, 20% at end of approvals, 35% at pre-erection before shipping & 30% on delivery. As vendor we do not engage retention.----For domes under 20ft diameter 1/3rd in 3 pmts is required. All MDI Terms and Conditions Apply

  • Our PE Calculations will show horizontal and vertical reactive loads for EOR determination for adequate support by structure and fasteners to be supplied (by other). Calculations are based on IBC 2006 and/or prevailing local design criteria
  • Wet Seal CADD Shop Drawings and PE Calculations sealed for Project State in submittal form with approval prior to beginning fabrication. Allow 4-5 weeks for submittal/approval period.
  • Approval of our shop drawings & PE submittal by the GC/A/E is a MDI requirement.
  • Product Liability Insurance Document will be requested for the GC file.
  • MDI representative will be available on site usually 1-3 days during the assembly period.
  • CSI Master Specification available
  • Domes are shipped knock-down.
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Total shipping weight provided
  • Shipping cost are included in our Quotes
  • Sales Tax is not included. (By contractor)
  • Quote is held for 60 days
  • Drums
  • Drums with window apertures
  • Window Assist Frames
  • Pre-cut plywood package for dome exterior sheathing
  • Pre-cut 16ga flat/primed sheet metal for fire barrier
  • Standing Seam Metal for smaller domes that can be shipped assembled or in two halves

  • Standard receptacle in the compression ring when spires, flags and crosses are specified.
  • Ellipse, Cone, Circular, Square or other in plan
  • Half Hemisphere or Shallow Radius in Section